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The Best Ever Solution for Eliminating Bloating

The Best Ever Solution for Eliminating Bloating

By Nature's Institute

As anyone trying to squeeze into their favorite pair of jeans will tell you bloating is the worst! And although bloating is rarely a sign of a something more serious, it can leave you feeling lethargic and extremely uncomfortable.

So, what causes bloating, anyway?

While PMS is sometimes to blame, the vast majority of people can tie their bloated belly directly to what (and how) they eat and drink. For example, if you eat too fast, you are inadvertently swallowing gas-producing air, which expands the belly.

Sodium (salt) can also be a big culprit. Even healthy looking items like soups, salad dressings, cereals, and tomato sauce have crazy-high amounts of sodium that easily lead you to exceed the 2,300 mg daily-recommended limit.

Another surprising source of sodium is bread. According to a recent USDA study, the sodium content in the typical sandwich comes in at 20% of your sodium allowance. Additionally, it's been found that bread and rolls are the number one source of sodium in the typical American diet. Talk about a wheat belly!

Perhaps the most obvious cause of bloating can be found in the beverage aisle. The same tiny bubbles that make soda bubbly can cause your stomach to swell. Diet soda is an even worse offender since artificial sweeteners can't be digested.

Slowing down at meals, decreasing sodium, and cutting out your daily diet coke, can all go a long way in reducing bloating. Unfortunately, that may not be enough. The good news is there is a natural remedy that has proven extremely effective at managing even the most severe gas and bloating.

Activated Charcoal is a purified charcoal that is nearly pure carbon. It has a surface that latches onto gas and toxins and is very effective against food poisoning, diarrhea and severe gas and bloating. It absorbs toxins from the digestive tract and also absorbs bile, helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

Natural health providers often combine activated charcoal with other ingredients, like Bowel Detox which contains Betaine HCL, Pepsin, Bile Salts, Apple Pectin, and Marshmallow Root, to increase efficacy and address a multitude of other bowel and digestion issues. This broad-spectrum combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes is designed to be a one-stop-shopping supplement for intestinal system health.

Bowel Detox combines bulking, absorbing and loosening agents with peristaltic action stimulants. Additional ingredients are included to reduce gas and odor and promote more complete digestion.
The added vitamins and minerals are targeted at the nutritional needs of the intestinal system.

If you are looking to banish the bloat forever, look no further than Mother Nature. Your tummy is sure to thank you.

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