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Warts About and Natural Solutions

Warts About and Natural Solutions

What is a wart:

The Concise Medical Dictionary defines a wart as: "a small (often hard) benign growth in the skin." Caused by a virus, warts are found most commonly on young people.  Forming in various shapes, sizes, and types, they usually appear on the face, fingers, hands, elbows, and knees.

Depending on the type of warts, they appear on different areas of the body.  For instance, juvenile warts are often on the hands and face of children. They tend to be larger, with a rougher surface than other types of warts. Plantar warts occur on the soles of the feet and are, therefore, painful from the pressure caused by standing and walking. They may be covered by a thick callus and spread rapidly in communities, such as schools.  Venereal warts are found on the genitals or around the anus in both sexes.


Although warts eventually disappear, due to pain caused by the location of the wart or the unsightly appearance, treatment can hasten their disappearance and reduce pain.  There is a wide range of treatments, including local application of chemicals, removal with a curette, and electrocautery.  Since caused by a virus, the appearance of a wart can be an indication that the immune system is compromised in such a way that the surface skin is not capable of fighting off the virus. The best way to get rid of warts is a two-pronged approach. The first step is to use topical therapies to kill off the virus and rebuild the integrity of the skin. The second step is to build the immune system from the inside.

Four Winds Suggestions:

Using Tea Tree Oil, and C-Herb.

It should be remembered that a wart, for example, is several times larger than what is seen on the surface: When the body rids itself of this unwanted tissue it will leave a hole or crater much larger than would be expected. The appearance might be alarming.  However, usually within two or three days, the body will repair itself and the crater will be filled to skin level.

For the removal of warts, moles and other skin abnormalities, treat the area to be removed with just enough C-Herb to barely cover it. There is no need to pack or overuse C-Herb. 

Moles are usually removed with two or three applications 24 hours apart. This is generally true of warts although they may require an extra treatment due to the density of the tissue. 

No more than five applications should ever be used for any skin abnormality. 

Warts should be prepared before application by soaking in warm water or scraping the crown of the wart down so C-Herb can be absorbed by the skin. Each application of C-Herb should be kept in place for 24 hours. This can be done by loosely applying a Band-Aid over the wart.

Directions to be strictly followed:
There can be pain associated with removal of unwanted tissue. Moles are quite painlessly removed but the removal of a wart on the fingers can produce considerable pain.
Do not use C-Herb on the face because of possible scarring. It is advisable to remove only one area of unwanted tissue at a time.

The results of using C-Herb are very predictable. The first application will produce a "pinking" of the area. The second application will cause the object being removed to die and begin to darken. A yellowish ring will appear around the object, defining the area which will be removed.

Remember, C-Herb is not destroying the object, rather, it is the immune system at work so only the object to be removed will be affected and not good tissue. The immune system will remain at work even after the last application of C-Herb. 

A few days after the last application, the object will fall out leaving a smooth pink crater. There should not be an open sore. Do not attempt to force the object from its place too soon. Allow this process to happen naturally. The crater will fill in and smooth over in approximately 10 days. Pigmentation of the area returns in a few months.

Scarring is possible when large objects or areas are removed. C-Herb has a pH of 5.5. Never touch C-Herb with metal as this pH can be altered by metal. When applying to the skin, use a toothpick or plastic applicator. Do not put in a metal container.

Use Tea Tree Oil topically to kill the virus. If the wart is on the face, use a combination of the Replenishing Cream and C-Herb External for a few days to soften the wart. Apply morning and night. To remove the wart mix a tiny bit of C-Herb with the Replenishing Cream (50-50). in the center of a Band-Aid and then on the wart. The more C-Herb the stronger it is so be careful not to use too much C-Herb!

If the wart is not on the face.
Use the Replenishing Cream for a few days (to soften the wart if need be) and then apply C-Herb on a band-aid and on the wart. Apply C-Herb once (at night) every 24 hours for no more than 3, 4 or 5 days.

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