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Blood Sugar Low Hypoglycemia - Symptoms & support

Blood Sugar Low Hypoglycemia - Symptoms & support


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The cells in our bodies consume vast amounts of sugar for energy. In fact, excluding oxygen and water, sugar is the primary nutrient our bodies require. When there is not enough sugar in the bloodstream for cells to do their work, many kinds of health problems can result. This condition of low blood sugar is known as hypoglycemia, hypo meaning low, glyco for sugar and emia referring to the bloodstream.

When blood sugar levels start to dip below normal, the body gives certain subtle clues that it needs help. These may include suddenly feeling cold or getting a cold nose, strong craving for sweets or caffeine, sudden fatigue or mental confusion, the inability to concentrate, a mild headache or sense of pain around the eyes. If not dealt with soon, the symptoms may worsen into irritability, severe fatigue, dizziness or shakiness.

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