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Thyroid - Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid

Thyroid - Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid


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The primary job of these thyroid hormones is to regulate metabolism and to help burn fuel, especially fats. The thyroid acts sort of like a metabolic thermostat. When the thyroid output is low, the fats tend to be stored instead of burned, resulting in weight gain.
Since the body burns fat primarily to keep warm, the body temperature tends to be low. The skin is usually dry, again due to a lack of proper fat metabolism, because fats are what keep the skin moist and supple.
Reproductive hormones may also be thrown out of balance (since they are made of fat) and energy levels tend to be low because the metabolism is slow.

Hyperthyroid condition is when the thyroid is over producing hormones. This means the thyroid is over stimulating metabolism. As a result, fuel burns too quickly, which results in weight loss, intolerance to heat and hyperactivity and restlessness. For example, some of the specific symptoms associated with hyperthyroid may include bulging eyes, rapid pulse rate (90-160), heart palpitations, tremors, restlessness and anxiety, lack of periods, muscle weakness and impaired sleep.

This is a serious medical condition and needs proper medical attention.. It is essential that a physician monitor someone with a hyperthyroid condition

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